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Aerospace, Boeing, Cheesecloth, Gauze, Government Bids, Government Contracts, Hermitex®, Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas, Military, Raytheon, Rymplecloth, SAE Secification AMS 3819 - has been a trusted partner of the United States Military for almost 70 years.  Whether it's custom Hermitex®, static-free splicing rags, or oil sorbents, we've got a matching spec for each.  Simply enter your spec number or description into our search field and the system will find a qualified match.  If you're in the business of government bidding and contracting, we can assist with the following... Lockheed Martin P5396-1(B) Douglas Material Spec 1820 L-3/Raytheon Part #'s CM000177-001, CM000178-001, & 2012 Boeing Material Spec 15-5F Aerospace Material Spec 3819 A&B, Class1, Grade B

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